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Member Utilities for EE 1.x Commercial Licence

The current release is version: 1.2.2

Do you or your clients run a membership site or forum? If you do you’ll know how tedious it can be moving spam members into different member groups or just looking at their profiles. Member Utilities fixes that:

Review Member Profiles – often spammers will sign up and post nothing, but their profiles contain spam links to whatever they’re promoting this week.
Review Posts – you’ve identified that it’s possibly a spam sign up and you can see they’ve posted, but you have to search the forum to find it. Member Utilities allows you to find all forum posts from the control panel members list.
Bulk move – select the members you want to move within the control panel members list and bulk move.
Ban IP addresses – Option to ban the IP address if you’re moving into the banned members group.
Ban email addresses – Option to ban email addresses if you’re moving into the banned members group.
Delete all posts – Option to remove all posts if you’re moving into the banned members group.
Emtpy URL and Bio Profile Fields – option to do so if you’re moving a member into the banner member group
Email notifications – Option to enable email notifications whenever a site member updates their Biography or URL.
Show all members with populated biographies or URLs – the easiest way to find spammers lurking within your memberlist
Choose a profile field to search on – search members based upon a particular profile field being populated
Filter custom profile field results based on join date

Member Utilities is an ExpressionEngine module and extension combination.

You can see a screencast of Member Utilities in action.

Product Images

Get an additional member function within the member list Get an additional member function within the member list
View a member public profile inline within the member list View a member public profile inline within the member list
Move members into any valid group and perform banning actions Move members into any valid group and perform banning actions


Version 1.2.2 20120106
Bug fix: Stopping inadvertent profile notifications

Version 1.2.1 20111229
Bug fix: Pagination for all populated members view
Enhancement: Moved hook position to enable better usage by Cerberus

Version 1.2 20110210
Bug fix: banned details are now uniqued before save
Bug fix: the serialised preference data containing banned member details is now checked for size against the actual table column before save. If the data might be truncated the save does not take place and the CP log is updated with a message.
Bug fix: the member search URL was incorrect in some cases
Bug fix: fixed a bug that could occur if using toggle to select a page of members to change group
Enhancement: emptying a profile now cleans signature as well
Enhancement: can now add config item that will enable altering of prefs column to MEDIUMTEXT (member_utilities_convert_prefs_field)
Enhancement: can now add config item that will enable reverting of prefs field to TEXT on uninstall (member_utilities_revert_prefs_field)
Enhancement: removed some redundant DB queries when deleting members

Version 1.1 20101024
Bug fix: properly format forum link with trigger word
Bug fix: enabled more robust member post search using action
Bug fix: MSM masked logins can now view inline profiles
Enhancement: moved toggle image to left of user name in member lists
Enhancement: moved all existing hard-coded text strings into language file
Enhancement: added ability to choose profile field to search members on
Enhancement: added ability to search populated profiles based on join date
Enhancement: jQuery resets $ object in case other addons use noConflict()
Enchancement: ‘show all’ now displays members with populated bio or URLs

Version 1.0.5 20100903
Enhancement: added labels to move confirmation form

Version 1.0.4 20100803
Bug fix: unserialize errors on installation
Bug fix: problems when using renamed site index files
Bug fix: code tweak to avoid errors on Nexcess clusters
Added hook for Cerberus :::shush:::

Version 1.0.3 20100521
Bug fix: changed storage of email templates to allow for quotes
Bug fix: fixed image paths that failed for some server configs
Added: added ability to auto empty profile when banning a member
Added: allow member group change/banning from member search results
Added: CP logging of profile updates
Added: module component to show all members with populated bio fields
Added: check protocol to allow use in SSL’d CP

Version 1.0.2 20100330
Bug fix: display of member groups in MSM environment
Bug fix: removed erroneous message about member data when banning
Enhancement: module component now allows groups other than Super Admin to use features
Enhancement: module component now allows templated email notifications when a member updates their profile

Version 1.0.1 20091230
Fixed method of calling inline profiles to account for renamed index.php files

Version 1.0 20091205
Initial release

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This is commercial software and is subject to our licence


Member Utilities has been tested on ExpressionEngine 1.7.1 but should work on versions 1.6.5+. Member Utilities is PHP 4 compatible.

Download Package

The download package contains:

  • ext.pur_member_utilities_ext.php
  • lang.pur_member_utilities.php
  • pur_member_utilities module folder
  • pur_member_utilities_images folder
  • licence.txt

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